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There is no family on earth that cannot be further complicated by the addition of more children, more pets, or more after school activities.

The very observant amongst you may have noticed, upon arrival of your children, that the dynamic of your little family will have changed somewhat. The addition of the first child is profound and there is a earthquake-like shift in your perception of what family is. And what it is not. But somewhere along the way you will begin to understand that ‘family’ becomes an entity in itself, and the individuals within it are just that – working parts that contribute to the whole.

You are an intrinsic element of a new individual – your Family Beast.

Your Family Beast will start out looking as though he were created by a 2yr old and a 9 month old using sticky tape, toilet rolls and an overdue utilities bill. As such, he was created with a lot of love, good intention, and very little skill – yet he has a head, a torso, a tail, and four legs. He is covered from head to hoof with dissatisfaction, expectation, and mess. Like any animal brought in from the wild, initially he will be difficult to handle, unpredictable and unexpectedly affectionate. He is a beast in the kindest sense of the word, big of heart, sound of foot and gentle of eye.

Over the years this Family Beast has observed, gathered, and invented from nothing but thin air and desperation, a collection of interesting tidbits, tips, and advice (good and bad) that he’s going to share, for better or worse, on this blog. He doesn’t take himself very seriously, is prone to mess, is a dreadful cook, but he’s good for a chat so feel free to comment.

Please note: The Family Beast is not for sale. Any products or services mentioned or featured on this site have been mentioned or featured because The Family Beast likes them – nobody paid for them to be there.


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The Family Beast Colouring Sheet At The Beach

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