Bon Bon!

No Christmas table is complete without the over-promise of  bon bon’s arranged artfully at every place setting. The festive  wrapping, the anticipation of the pre-meal ‘snap’ and the outpouring of treasures from within – and the groans of dismay as the flimsy paper hats, worn out Dad-jokes and useless plastic trinkets fall flat onto your empty plate.

But it just doesn’t have to be like this. Handmade bon bons are both easy to make and easy to personalise with real treasures, really funny jokes and party hats that will set your table apart from every other Christmas table ever laid for a feast.

What you will need:

Sturdy toilet rolls.
Even if you are a dyed-in-the-pulp recycled loo paper connoisseur, it is worth putting your principles aside for just one 12 pack of luxury super-soft environmentally unfriendly papier de toilette. Because the rolls in the middle are awesomely sturdy and will last for years to come (which is a small consolation). It is a good idea to decorate these rolls as you can re-use them and they look nicer than plain rolls that look suspiciously like, umm, loo rolls. Paint with a red gloss house paint, or cover with tissue paper and watered down craft glue – in the photo example below, glitter was mixed with the glue. The glue also adds strength.

 Tissue paper
Festive coloured tissue paper that compliments your table scheme. You can personalise these with letter stamps and decorative patterns.

The ‘snap’ can be purchased at most craft type shops these days.

The fun part is filling the tubes with treasures. Just about anything can go in if it is small enough:

  • polished stones or crystals
  • fabric angels
  • balloons
  • matchbox cars
  • chocolates
  • handmade party hats
  • personally selected jokes
  • fortunes (like you find in a fortune cookie – you can collect them or make up personalised ones)
  • novelty pens
  • Seeds for planting
  • a thumb drive with family photos or videos

Once you have everything ready, you can fill each tube with treasures, insert the snapper and then roll everything up in the tissue paper. Twist the ends and secure with a pretty ribbon or some twine depending on the look you have in mind.

Bon bon appétit!


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