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How to make juggling balls

Juggling is having a new moment in the sun – not least because of the very smart Todd Sampson and his Redesign My Brain series on the Australian ABC. It […]

Bon Bon!

No Christmas table is complete without the over-promise of  bon bon’s arranged artfully at every place setting. The festive  wrapping, the anticipation of the pre-meal ‘snap’ and the outpouring of […]

The handmade Christmas cheat-sheet

So you feel Christmas has become an over-commercialised grab-fest that creates unnecessary stress and expectation? You want to create a celebration that is more meaningful and creative but really,  you’re […]

The Family Beast’s Top 3: Ways to re-use your children’s paintings

Children who enjoy craft can be prolific. In fact, prolific is an inadequate adjective to describe to volume of paintings, collages, drawings, and colouring-ins that some children are capable of […]

The Library: Craft inspiration for children

Some children play sport on the weekends and after school. And there are other children who would prefer to give their imaginations a good workout rather than trying to work […]

The ultimate Christmas craft supply list

Children face Christmas with a very different attitude to adults. They are excited, they enjoy the planning and the preparation and they love the concept of giving. Throwing yourself open […]

The Family Beast’s Top 3: Craft materials that should never enter the house

There is craft; the finger knitting, origami, sewing kind of craft. And then there is craft; the messy, sticky, smeary kind. Because children are so tactile, paint, glue, and clay […]

Join the crochet craze

The origins of crochet are a little tangled but the chain of this craft’s  popularity over the last few hundred years is a colourful yarn that has created a knot […]