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Moroccan chicken and herbed couscous

Cooking shows, cooking blogs, celebrity chefs and unfettered access to every single ingredient ever discovered means that ‘putting a meal on the table’ is no longer a matter of meat […]

The Christmas break is here – but there is no end to the cooking….

You’ve spent the last 12 months ducking endlessly in and out of your pantry, the supermarket, and your cookbooks. You’ve opened the fridge more times than the Queen has opened […]

Terrifying! Sugar free Halloween treats

Where ever the tradition of Halloween started, it has now become a festival of sugar consumption and another excuse for the mindless marketing of themed plastic ‘things’ that have often […]

School lunches – it’s all about the container

The daily packing of school lunches can resemble a game of Jenga played backwards. From a precarious pile of assorted containers and random items from the pantry, you must create […]

All-in-one salad

For meat-lovers and vegetarians alike, a good salad is difficult to pass up and this one is a meal unto itself with enough flexibility to be whatever you want it […]

Fast Food

The witching hour is a bit like peak-hour. It’s an understatement.  Both peak hour and witching hour last for longer than the standard 60 minute hour, and can stretch well […]

Seriously? You expect me to cook another meal?

It’s Friday night and over the last 5 days you’ve cooked 5 hot dinners, packed 14 school lunches, and coerced 14 breakfasts into reluctant children. The LAST thing you feel […]

The Beastly Kitchen: Three different meals, one mixture!

Economy of scale can be applied to most things in life with the exception of illness, war and children. More war does not make peace and more illness does not […]