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Nothing says indulgence like chocolate (except for French Champagne obviously). Comforting and versatile, chocolate is appropriate at any time – the French have it for breakfast (and the proper French […]

The “must-have” kitchen appliance & it’s not a Thermomix

The ability for an electrical appliance to save lives is one of the big advantages of being right here in the 21st century. Defibrillators, artificial lungs and  pace-makers have probably […]

The Family Beast’s Top 3: Sweet play-lunch snacks (with hidden vegetables).

There is some evidence that school children who have a full and wholesome morning tea/play lunch (or an early lunch) concentrate better and are more settled in class. To learn […]

Not another cheese sandwich…

Depending on where you live, school holidays are just beginning, almost over or nowhere in sight. Regardless of where you are in the holiday/school cycle, one thing is certain, you […]

Beat the flu with immune boosting chicken soup

It’s always winter somewhere in the world – right now it’s the Southern Hemisphere’s turn, and on the East Coast, it’s pretty wet and miserable. There are some nasty looking […]

The Family Beast’s Top 3: Pumpkin Soup Recipes

Pumpkin Soup has its roots in the Haitian Revolution, 1791-1803. On January 1 1804, the Haitian’s celebrated their independence with, amongst other things – the first recorded cooking of Pumpkin […]

The Family Beast’s Top 3: Non-Cooking Meals

Cooking for children is like a culinary Tough Mudder. It seems endless, is fraught with traps, pitfalls and meltdowns. Blood is not uncommon. It is relentless and at the end […]

The Beastly Kitchen – 4 Fun Ways to Get Your Children to Try New Food

Food is the glue of all social interaction. It nourishes, it heals and it provides the centerpiece of family life. Except when you have young children. Then it becomes the […]