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The Family Beast’s Top 3: Pets that are not a puppy or a kitten.

There comes a time in every Family Beast’s life when someone (usually a child) calls ‘puppy’ or ‘kitten’ and the seed is sown. Suddenly everywhere you turn there is a […]

The Family Beast’s Top 3: Ways to pamper yourself

It is widely acknowledged that mothers have one of the most demanding, underpaid, unappreciated and emotionally draining jobs on the planet. Hostage negotiators come close but they are highly paid, […]

The Family Beast’s Top 3: Sweet play-lunch snacks (with hidden vegetables).

There is some evidence that school children who have a full and wholesome morning tea/play lunch (or an early lunch) concentrate better and are more settled in class. To learn […]

The Family Beast’s Top 3: Tidbits about Quinoa

Is Quinoa (pronounced keen-wa) a) a nourishing grain from South America b) the latest fad in health food and the darling of the paleo diet c) The subject of the […]

The Family Beast’s Top 3: 100% biodegrable activities.

Ever since a small bored cave-child rubbed two rocks together, added water and created the first finger painting on the wall of the cave (much to his mothers ire), children […]

The Family Beast’s Top 3: Pumpkin Soup Recipes

Pumpkin Soup has its roots in the Haitian Revolution, 1791-1803. On January 1 1804, the Haitian’s celebrated their independence with, amongst other things – the first recorded cooking of Pumpkin […]

The Family Beast’s Top 3: Play-Dough Recipes.

According to Wikipedia, Play-dough was accidentally invented by a classroom of children who used wallpaper cleaner as modeling clay in the 1930’s. Sadly the details of how exactly that came […]

The Family Beast’s Top 3: Non-Cooking Meals

Cooking for children is like a culinary Tough Mudder. It seems endless, is fraught with traps, pitfalls and meltdowns. Blood is not uncommon. It is relentless and at the end […]