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The witching hour is a bit like peak-hour. It’s an understatement.  Both peak hour and witching hour last for longer than the standard 60 minute hour, and can stretch well into the three hour timeslot. Trying to get the dinner cooked while more than half the inhabitants of your house are in various stages of meltdown can really hamper your efforts to put a gourmet meal on the table. In some cases it can hamper your efforts to put baked beans and toast on the table.

The Family Beast has collected a list of cheaty meals that sound impressive, look impressive, but take a minimum of effort and preparation to make – we can’t guarantee your children will eat them, but at least you’ve tried.

Risotto is known for the way it ties you to the stove endlessly stirring and adding and stirring and adding until after about 6 hours it reaches the exact point between creamy and mush. But somewhere, someone (who was busy doing 17 other tasks at the same time) accidentally popped the ingredients in a baking tray and into the over – only to realise half an hour later what they had done. Surprisingly, they had just worked out that you can bake a risotto – releasing you from the stirring forever.

Easy Baked Risotto

Homemade pizza is one of the best kid-foods around. It includes at least 4 of the main food groups (vegetables, grains, diary, fruit), the children can ‘cook’ their own and it can be as labour intensive as you want it to be – from homemade pizza dough, to the frozen variety in the supermarket. But for a fast and healthy medium, pita bread has revolutionised the speed at which you can whip up a delicious pizza for the starving herd.

Fennel & Chicken Flatbread

Chicken Soup:
Ironically when you are not feeling 100% and the last thing you feel like doing is cooking, you need the most nutritious food possible. This immune boosting chicken soup takes just 15 minutes to prepare and cook and is perfect for getting your system up and running again. We posted it previously, but it qualifies as fast food so here it is again.

Immune Boosting Chicken Soup






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