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Children are one of the great untapped energy sources of the planet. Woe betide the person who stands between a motivated child and their goal. If your child spends a large portion of time eating, and the rest, begging for food – then the obvious solution is to get them into the kitchen as quickly as possible. There will always be a period of learning which may or may not involve blood (depending on how sharp your knives are and how young the child), however with a bit of patience and blind faith, it won’t be long until everyone can be involved in preparing food – if not for the whole family, then at least for themselves – which on the weekends should free up about 9 hours a day for you.

This week we’ve pulled out some cookbooks that should get your children inspired and cooking in no time:

Stephanie Alexander – Kitchen Garden Cooking With Kids

Kitchen Garden Cooking with Kids - Stephanie Alexander New softcover book

“Stephanie Alexander’s philosophy is that there is no such thing as special food for children: if food is good, everyone will enjoy it regardless of age. Here are 120 recipes with simple instructions, a colourful layout and lots of fast, fun facts. And while these recipes can be made by a couple of eight-year-olds in aprons – with a bit of adult supervision – the dishes are anything but standard kids’ fare: alongside the muffins and slices are homemade pastas, Indian curries, Asian tea eggs and vegetable-rich winter soups.”

Anything that can be whipped up ‘by a couple of eight-year-olds’ sounds nothing short of perfect – she claims to have 120 recipes – that’s over 1/3 of the years dinners covered. At under $40 – that beats take out pizza hands down. The only cost may be the washing up…


Roald Dahl’s Revolting Recipes

Roald Dahl's Revolting Recipes new softcover kids cookbookFor children who may be a little hesitant about the world of cooking (and let’s face it, those competitive reality cooking shows are enough to frighten anybody away from the frying pan), the sheer madness of this book should entice them to at least try Frogscottle, or Eatable Marshmallow Pillows. Illustrated by Quintin Blake, this book was compiled by Roald Dahl’s wife Felicity four years after his death. And yet this is Roald Dahl at his best – speaking to children in a way very few adults have ever done.

At less than $25 dollars  you have nothing to lose and a big bowl of Stickjaw for Talkative Parents to gain…

Available through Amazon, and most disreputable bookshops.


Cook It Together – Annable Karmel

Cook It Together - Annabel Karmel New hardcover Children's Cookbook

Annabel Karmel has probably saved more toddlers from starvation than any other cook book creator. Her book Feeding Your Baby and Toddler has inspired countless parents to ditch the plain pasta with melted butter and try some food that was good, yummy and most importantly, eaten by children. Toddlers the world over applauded.

And now Annabel is back with stage two of her master plan. Get them to love it (step one) and Get them to cook it themselves (step two). Parents the world over applaud.

Again from
Annabel Karmel shows you how to transform tasty basic ingredients into delicious dinners and mouth-watering snacks like honey glazed salmon and strawberry cheesecake. Step-by-step full-colour photos show exactly what to do and will help your child develop basic cookery skills from measuring to mixing.
You’ll even find out how to grow some of the ingredients together at home too. Scrumptious food that’s as much fun to make as it is to eat!”

Happy eating – and remember “stainless steel” is a misnomer.

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