How to feel 50% better. Every day!

Mothering is hard. The medical faculty agree, the publishing industry concur, several government departments have been set up to support mothers in dire straits and it is heard in every playground, school drop-off and parent-frequented cafe around the globe. And while we try to absorb the difficulties, the stresses and frustrations, mothers still struggle with a base level of problems every day. Exhaustion, low self-esteem and questionable personal hygiene all pop in at some point during the course of a week for a cup of tea and have a tendency to overstay their welcome.

Exhaustion and and low self-esteem are a rotten combination, they feed from each other and have nothing good to say about anyone. After spending any length of time with them you can start to believe them. They invite their mate Illness over, they trash your house and then they really set in, getting to the grit of things and wear away your standards, your ideals and your desire to care about these.

While you have young children, you will be battling these reprobates for a while but The Family Beast has two simple tips* to help banish them from you table, saving you tea, time, and angst.

One of the most basic techniques is the shower. Simple, and yet some days, a quick trip up Mount Everest seems more achievable. To have a shower first thing each day will improve your mood by at least 20%. If you wash your hair as well, that goes up to 40% and you can squeeze out an extra 5-10% if you blow-dry. Adding make-up, perfume and jewellery will all add extra points as well. That’s a 50% improvement! Every day!

The second is an oft overlooked strategy which here at The Family Beast we simply call TYV. Take. Your. Vitamins. Mothering is physically demanding. Your system is depleted. It is deprived of sleep, the keystone of a healthy existence. As your body struggles to compensate for the lack of sleep, it draws on whatever reserves it has – and they need to be replenished. Iron, Magnesium, Vitamin C, B, D and A, Zinc, all the oils – fish, evening primrose, and the Omega 3, 6 and 9 fats. The list goes on.  Each body is different so it is important that you work out which you need and how many you need. And don’t be surprised if you need a lot more than you did before you had children. You’re doing a lot more with a lot less and  it’s easy to forget to take your vitamins every day as you are busy making sure everyone else is getting everything they need. A good multivitamin is a good start and if you are really feeling wiped out, have your iron levels checked, low iron can really run you down.

If you apply both of the above regularly, you should start to feel better. If you don’t, PLEASE tell a friend, your partner, a doctor. It may be you need different vitamins, or professional help. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, people do really want to help.

*These tips are anecdotal only. The Family Beast is not a doctor, natural therapist or a charlatan. We would never knowingly suggest something that was harmful.




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