The Library: Craft inspiration for children

Some children play sport on the weekends and after school. And there are other children who would prefer to give their imaginations a good workout rather than trying to work […]

You think you are not creative?

Do you think you are not creative? Do you hope you never have to draw an aeroplane for you children? Yet surely, David Kelley suggests, creativity is not the domain […]

The ultimate Christmas craft supply list

Children face Christmas with a very different attitude to adults. They are excited, they enjoy the planning and the preparation and they love the concept of giving. Throwing yourself open […]

The Family Beast’s Top 3: Craft materials that should never enter the house

There is craft; the finger knitting, origami, sewing kind of craft. And then there is craft; the messy, sticky, smeary kind. Because children are so tactile, paint, glue, and clay […]

Join the crochet craze

The origins of crochet are a little tangled but the chain of this craft’s  popularity over the last few hundred years is a colourful yarn that has created a knot […]

Don’t leave childhood without these 2 inspiring craft sites

With limited language skills, and constant exposure to the kind of sensory stimulation a dog gets from sticking it’s head out of the car window at 60 miles an hour […]

Scary? No – it’s the Sugar Fairy, every mother’s BFF on Halloween!

The ongoing insistence by Halloween to obscenely stuff children full of sugar with gruesome consequences has now become a tradition in itself. Two Dollar shops are selling larger and larger […]

Terrifying! Sugar free Halloween treats

Where ever the tradition of Halloween started, it has now become a festival of sugar consumption and another excuse for the mindless marketing of themed plastic ‘things’ that have often […]