Scary? No – it’s the Sugar Fairy, every mother’s BFF on Halloween!

The ongoing insistence by Halloween to obscenely stuff children full of sugar with gruesome consequences has now become a tradition in itself. Two Dollar shops are selling larger and larger plastic Jack O Lantern buckets to fill with more and more sugared treats. And more and more mothers are left at the end of the afternoon with oddly dressed, face-paint smeared monsters in various stages of the Bell Curve of sugar-high-sugar-crash.

But all is not lost. With a small amount of pre-planning and a bit of old fashioned story telling, the bulk of the sugar can be passed on. Do it well, and it will be passed on enthusiastically!  It is the story of the Sugar Fairy and it goes like this:

In a secret land where only fairies live, there is a fairy called the Sugar Fairy. She is called this because she can only eat sugar. And the Sugar Fairy has one hundred children and all they can eat is sugar as well.  All other food is poison to them. Finding enough sugar to feed all her children is very hard because there isn’t a lot of sugar in the land where fairies live.

So every year at Halloween the Sugar Fairy is allowed to leave her land and come to earth to collect as many lollies and sweets as she can to feed her one hundred children for the year. She knows that little boys and girls also love sugar, especially at Halloween. All year, as she waits for Halloween, the Sugar Fairy makes gifts and toys to bring to earth for the boys and girls who leave their sweets and lollies out for her at the end of Halloween. The bigger the pile of sugar, the better the present she will leave.

How many sweets and lollies will you leave for the Sugar Fairy and her one hundred children?

You can adapt the story for your own children and create a tradition that is fun for everyone. If this is your first year helping the Sugar Fairy, it is a good idea to get a reasonably good gift as it will encourage more generosity in future years.

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  1. Denali says:

    So the sugar fairy is’nt real?! My mom and dad have been lying this hole time?! That’s just sad lying to pour little children about a made up story just so you won’t have to deal whith your kids jumping of the walls for hours!! Instead you could just tell them “hey if you give me your candy we can go to toys”R”us.” Shore there’s no excitement, but there’s no harm done in the future when your kid finds out your LYING TO THEM!!! So I ask why all this trouble lying to your kid, after all your kid will have to find out some day, I know I found out and I don’t think I’ll ever forgive my parents. So I ask why? Thank you …

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