Stress free travel with a baby!

So many of us nowadays have family spread all over the country and all over the globe, meaning there’s a lot of ground to be covered in order for them to marvel at your new little wonder.

If you’ve found yourself with a packing list as long as your arm and a passport with the world’s cutest photo and your baby’s name on it and you’re setting off on an international jaunt, there are some important things to consider if you want to keep everything together while you’re on the road.

Pack more nappies than you think you’ll need for the flight
Children have a way of surprising you. So even if your little one has only ever produced a number two once a day, from four weeks old, pack some extra nappies. Don’t risk realizing that there are eight hours to go and you only have two nappies left. It’s not fun to have to construct an emergency solution out of paper towels and an aeroplane blanket.

Pack bags within bags
Change of clothes, bottles, baby food, toys, wipes, socks, books – don’t just grab the biggest sack you can get away with as carry-on and just chuck it all in. If you make things easy to locate by putting the food and the clothes in separate smaller bags you won’t have to struggle with rooting around in the overhead baggage compartment trying to fish out the teething rusks while your child screams loudly enough to distract the pilot.

Once you’re off the plane and going from hotel to hotel, be consist with your packing
Save yourself from rummaging through all your suitcases, shopping bags and hand luggage looking for the baby’s sun hat by always putting things in the same place. It’s so easy to just chuck things in on your rush to check out on time, but you’ll kick yourself later if you don’t have a system.

Do laundry and stock up on supplies at every chance you get
Sure! Leave it to the last minute! Baby can just wear the dirty clothes he already threw up on while you search the streets for a laundromat.

If you’re travelling around a lot, wash clothes every chance you get. And when you see a supermarket, grab some baby wipes and snacks, even if you think you have enough. Because less is really not more when you’re on the side of a highway with a surprise poonami to deal with and only two wipes in the packet.

If heading off on a day trip, even if you’re sure you’ll be back for dinner, take enough food for the baby for the whole day
A starving hungry baby can’t be distracted with toys or songs for long. Even if your husband demands to know why you’re making everyone late by insisting on packing a week’s worth of food, stand your ground. You don’t want to get stuck giving an infant a big sip of a 7Eleven slurpie and a two bite brownie for dinner because that’s literally all there is to hand.

Schedule some chill out days
Don’t drag your baby from pillar to post and overwhelm him with a constant stream of faces and places. He needs some time to just play on the floor. And you need a break too, otherwise you’ll spend your whole holiday budget on headache tablets.

Communicate calmly and rationally with your loved one throughout the holiday
OR you could suppress the emotions that come with the exhaustion of being in unfamiliar territory, visiting family and killing yourself to keep your baby happy and comfortable and let them out right at the end of the holiday in one utterly irrational outburst completely directed at your husband, who will have no idea what you’re going on about. It’s up to you!

Happy travels!

These practical tips come from guest-blogger Clea Sherman. Clea writes for Mouths of Mums and has a baby with a stamped passport – she knows what works!

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