About The Creators

About the Author

camilleCamille studied creative writing at Wollongong University sometime last century. When she finally emerged from the shared student accommodation she realised that the only thing she needed was some real life experience.  Setting off with $35 in her pocket and a maybe-job with a shearing team in South Australia, she spent the next 15 years experiencing the following: how to shoe a horse (badly), drive a D8 bulldozer (backwards), and cook for 35 hungry blokes. She’s run an artists studio, graded scallops on the graveyard shift in a fish factory, hijacked a helicopter and flipped hamburgers in a truck-stop. She’s ridden in a one horse open sleigh, to the top of the Empire State Building and the wave of the internet boom. The first major challenge she encountered was coaxing a two year old to put on a pair of socks and accepting that she wasn’t going to win.

Camille now lives on an island, with her husband and two children.

About the Illustrator

sharynWith a Bachelor of Fine Arts (photomedia major), and an advanced diploma in Graphic Design, Sharyn is a visual artist whose work has appeared in a range of publications including newmatilda.com, BRW, Australian Women’s Health and the Australian Woman’s Weekly magazines.

With 12 years experience as a graphic designer and illustrator, her work has also been exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art, First Draft Gallery and Annandale Galleries.

She’s currently waist-deep in the glitter and Lego, but more than happy to be choppered out for an illustration emergency.

To see more of Sharyn’s work – sharynraggett.com.au

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