The Family Beast’s Top 3: DIY Halloween costumes

Halloween is upon us and love it or loath it, if you have children (or are a big kid yourself) chances are you will be dressing up and partaking in a tradition that is now so far from it’s origin, it can barely be called a tradition.

This weeks Top 3 is a collection of three awesome costume ideas that you can make yourself. Most of them involve a bit of recycling and are suitable for most ages.

1) How to make a bat from a broken umbrella
Bats love to come out for Halloween – and it’s the best use of a broken umbrella we’ve seen yet.

2) Eyeball costume
Eyeballs are gruesome and fascinating at the same time. Perfect Halloween-wear.

3) Spider baby!
If you want your baby to experience his or her first Halloween and still want to make a spooky impression on the neighbours, then this outfit should make Halloween memorable for everyone.

Remember, what goes up must come down, and that includes a 4yr old on a sugar binge.

Good luck and BOO!

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