The Family Beast’s Top 3: Ways to get from shabby to chic

Endless days of hanging out with the under age set can really start to have an impact on your personal style. Your disposable income has been absorbed by disposable nappies and you are running complex processes such as the the full cycle of clothes sorting, washing and drying with severely reduced resources; standards are bound to drop and mistakes will be made.  Your entire wardrobe has been reduced to a murky pinky-brown hue. All the elastic has disintegrated and you have mastered the art of the invisible safety pin repair.

But while your children are raiding the dress-up box with unfettered abandon, you need a style overhaul and you need it fast. Here are three ways to help you change your wardrobe from woeful to wonderful with out spending a cent.

1) Fox In Flats
Fox in Flats is a website chock a block full of inspiration and ideas that are really really practical and simple to implement. As part of her mission to get mums back on the fashion track, creator Andrea Zanetich  has invented the Style Dare – a fun list of ideas to incorporate into your outfit every day – if nothing else, the Style Dare gets you thinking about what you are wearing agian.  She understands that mothers generally don’t have the time or resources to shop, so the site is all about using what you have in ways you many not have thought about before. She has a wonderful online community who post on Facebook and Instagram – which in turn creates a whole new store of inspiration. Down to earth and fun to boot – sign-up to the Fox in Flats newsletter, follow @foxinflats on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook – you can join the fun any time!

2) Trendabl
This mobile phone app is based on the social media model – sign up and start following users who inspire you – as well as posting your own images. This app is a great way to get a taste of what is happening on Planet Fashion but depending on your feed, it’s not exclusively the rich, famous or elongated fashion models – it’s cheaper than a fashion magazine and you can pick and mix who you follow so you won’t get stuck with this weeks must have ‘look’. Download here – it is free.

3) Re-imagine your wardrobe
Sometimes it just takes an afternoon, a camera and a friend to revamp your look. Start by taking everything out of your wardrobe and dumping in a big pile on the bed. Then just sort the pile into two piles – charity, and keep. Anything that doesn’t fit, or you are really never going to wear again goes into the charity pile. Remove the charity pile from the room as soon as you are done – this is not a time for wistful thinking. Now play with the clothes you have left.  Try assembling outfits from items that you have never thought of combining  before. Mix colours or blend them, try structured with loose and flowing.  Some outfits may be a fashion fail – but there will be some unexpected ‘moments’ that will make you feel amazing. You might be surprised what you unearth – snap a picture of the success’s so you can refer to them on those days when you really need some inspiration. Sometimes it just takes a new accessory worn across several outfits to take you from frumpy to fabulous.


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