The Family Beast’s Top 3: Ways to re-use your children’s paintings

Children who enjoy craft can be prolific. In fact, prolific is an inadequate adjective to describe to volume of paintings, collages, drawings, and colouring-ins that some children are capable of producing. But what are you to do with this mountain of art that is cluttering up shelves, cupboards and wall space?

Clearly the rational and sane answer is to edit it down to a select few masterpieces in much the same way the Archibald curators narrow the field down to just one winner. However the irrational and less than sane perception that your child is displaying creative genius with every new creation renders you unable to part with even the smallest scrap of paper.

The Family Beast has found three useful ways to use up some of the output – two of them involve the artwork leaving the house permanently! And because it is close to Christmas – we have put a festive slant on the ideas although they can be used at any time;

1) Stained glass Christmas cards
Using a blank card or good quality watercolour paper (see the ultimate hand made craft supply list), cut out a stained glass pattern. Choose a colourful section of your child’s painting and place it behind the cut-outs and paste in place.

Stained glass cards.

2) Wrapping paper
This is a great way to remove a lot of the less than brilliant (yet still endearing) creations from your cluttered craft cupboard. As a general rule, the absence of black in any of the mediums preferred by children gives a better result and if you choose a ribbon that matches one of the colours in the ‘wrapping paper’ then you can end up with quite a stylish result!


3) Frame it
Occasionally your child will strike creative gold and produce something that tugs at your heart strings and portrays the very essence of your child in ways that photographs and videos just don’t. These gorgeous images should be preserved for all time and your child’s masterpiece honoured in the same way a Da Vinci might be:



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