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Filling school lunch boxes has become an extreme domestic challenge category all of its own. Like doing daily abdominal crunches, or running five kilometres before seven am, you know it is good for you but you dread it in anticipation, you loath the process and at the end of it, you wonder if it is really worth it. And when the lunch boxes come home barely opened, you feel like throwing in the (tea)towel and going back to bed.

There have been countless attempts to solve the lunch box problem. Some claim the solution lies within the containers used, some resort to the ubiquitous Vegemite or cheese sandwich and some fork out for school canteen and turn a blind eye to what that may actually mean in terms of nutrition.

Luckily there is a small band of dedicated people – usually, but not always, mothers – who rise to the relentless challenge of the school lunch box.

Mona Hecke is one of these people.  She is the author of a small but delicious book called The Lunchbox Revolution.  Mona is a naturopath and mother who is passionate about healthy eating and the importance of eating food that is in its natural state and not processed. Her book is filled with ideas and recipes that are suitable for school lunches as well as work lunches, picnics and the family breakfast table. Mona also talks about food intolerances and other food related dis-ease.

The Family Beast’s favourite:

Salsa Salad:
2 ripe mangos – diced
2 ripe tomatoes – diced
1 small spanish onion – diced
2 ripe avocados – diced
1 bunch chopped corriander
Juice of 1 lemon and olive oil to blend
Dash of sweet chillie sauce (optional)

Gently mix all these ingredients together. This is a delicious summer salad. Great with grilled fish for dinner, make extra for lunchboxes the next day.


 The Lunchbox Revolution is available on Mona Hecke’s website She has just released an updated version with additional recipes and the book is now available as an eBook.

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