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Some children play sport on the weekends and after school. And there are other children who would prefer to give their imaginations a good workout rather than trying to work out the rules of a ball game. If you are stuck with a child who is constantly eyeing off the tissue box and views a cleans surface as a potential canvas for a master work, then you know that too many craft ideas can never be quite enough – especially on a rainy weekend.

This week in The Library:

How to make small things with Violet Mackerel

Violet Mackerel loves to make things – especially small things. This is a book composed of craft projects that are suitable for children to make. And not the kind that just look like a child could make them – any 6 year old of average dexterity will find plenty to do. You may need to get out the bi-focals as there is a light chance of some needle threading, but for the most part, the projects focus on simple ideas that are easily executed. And there seems to be very little mess involved. Some glue, lots of cutting but not a whiff of paint or clay. In fact almost all of the items used can be found somewhere in your house – with the possible exception of felt which can be sourced at your nearest Spotlight or similar haberdashery super-barn. It is a very girl focused book – but possibly Violet Mackerel has a brother who is putting the finishing touches on a companion book?

How to make small things with Violet Mackerel is published by Walker Books and was written by Anna Branford, illustrated by Sarah Davis and photographed by Cath Muscat.

The book is available from Booktopia, and through most good bookshops.

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