The Library: Gardening With Children

For children, school holidays conjure up endless days filled with fun and adventure. Of no routine and the prospect of getting away without bathing for nights at a time, of relaxed bedtimes and no homework. And while parents may also look forward to evenings without homework battles and a break from the endless lunch-box filling, school holidays arrive with their own set of problems.

What are we doing today?

It can start as early as 6am, and while you were looking forward to sleeping in and long late breakfasts, your children have a renewed passion for leaping out of bed and meeting the day with puppy-like enthusiasm.

Holiday activities can be expensive. Expensive multiplied by the number of children, plus cost of food and drinks and any paraphernalia associated with the activity. So it’s a good idea to have some simple, engaging activities that can be done at home and that suit the age range of your children.

This week in the Library we have book that not only covers the basic ‘activity’ aspect of the issue, it also takes care of food and ‘associated paraphernalia’.

The book is The Australian Women’s Weekly Kids in the Garden and it covers gardening, cooking and craft. Filled with ideas and well stepped-out activities such as creating a cactus garden, constructing a terrarium or a water garden, the book is suitable for those with a tiny apartment to those with a few acres at their disposal.

Vegetables and flowers, craft and cooking – everything is explained in simple terms, beautifully photographed and illustrated.  Not only will they be occupied, they are involved in growing and cooking their own food as well as creating some sustainable and imaginative ‘associated paraphernalia’. At around $AU30.00 it could be the best value holiday investment you make.


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