The Messy Person’s Guide to a Tidy House. Part 2

Mess does not increase in an orderly manner with every child you add to your Family Beast. Mess adheres to the kind of equation that very intelligent people studying things like ‘pure mathematics’ are still trying to understand.

The addition of one more child does not include a portion of mess compatible with one child. It includes a portion of mess that comes on the back of one of those monster trucks you see driving around open-cut mines. And the addition of another child, you logically think, would include less mess because the mess could be shared across the two (or more) children. But no, each subsequent child brings with them enough mess for every other child as well as themselves. So, (C+?)=(Cx?+(C+?)=Mess (where C= a child). Or something like that anyway.

We shared The Basket with you, and this week, we’re going to show you a technique that even Tidy People don’t always get right.

It is the Secret of the Blank Surface.

If you look hard enough you will find things like a dining table, a coffee table, maybe a credenza, bookcases etc scattered throughout your house. Find a big empty container, something like a washing basket or The Basket (obviously if it’s empty, then you’re still mastering Part 1, but never mind). Choose a surface, such as the dinning table. Now sweep everything from the dinning table into the basket. Now put exactly nothing back onto the surface. Nothing. Take the contents of the basket and sort them into two piles. Things to keep and things to throw away. The more you put into the second pile, the faster this whole ordeal will be over and done with. Put all the things to keep away where they belong. If they don’t belong anywhere, then put them into the second pile.

Repeat with all other surfaces. Once you’ve done a whole room, you may reward yourself by putting one object onto one of your clean surfaces. Something like a vase with flowers. Or an object of art. But nothing else. Nothing. NO! Nothing.

Even if the floor is littered with the flotsam and jetsam of the last 3 months,  your room will look instantly tidier!

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  1. Harriet Stacey says:

    Fantastic tips, but I have 4 other pairs of hands putting things on surfaces, floors and tables, I would need so many baskets I probably couldn’t get in the door! love the idea of just chucking it out!

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